Питомник бенгальских кошек "BENBARS"


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Kennel Bengal cats "BENBARS"

We are glad to welcome you in our kennel BENBARS. Our cattery is registered in TICA and FARUS, located in the city of Nizhnevartovsk and is engaged in breeding Bengal cats. Here you can view photos of our babies, and get the necessary information. Our kittens grow in excellent conditions. They paid close attention, warmth, care and love. We will help you with choosing your yong Bengal, as for the house, and for breeding and show career.

Bengal are incredibly beautiful and very few people remain indifferent. In bengals have a flight, romantic, absolute originality and exclusivity. There are also likely to impact certain nostalgia of people on the wild nature in the bustle of stone cities. Леопардик in the house! Isn't it a wonder?

Bengal. A brief history of the Bengal breed

The first domestic Bengal kittens appeared in the United States. It happened as a result of crossing the American Jane mill wild Asian леопардового cat with the usual domestic cat. In 1991 Bengal breed has received official status and gradually began to appear in other countries. And today Bengal cats, bengal, popular all over the world; the possession of such a thoroughbred animals is very prestigious and is considered a symbol of high social status. Bengal leopard kittens decorate your home! The nature of Bengal kitten like it and you and your children!

What should think about before purchasing a Bengali cat:


You want to buy a small Bengal kitten or adult Bengal?

  • What should be the gender of your future pet? You want a Bengal cat to buy or a Bengali cat? Bengal cat is larger than Bengal.
  • What color should be a pet? So, for example, Bengal kittens are Golden, silver and snow color with a spotty ( spot, plug socket) or marble pattern;
  • Bengal kittens cost? Bengal kittens for money, the health, not in cages, care! Think before you buy Bengal kitten cheap! Bengal is an expensive breed of cats.

Sale of Bengal kittens is carried out after 3 months of age. The site presents photo Bengal cats and photo Bengal cats , the parents of our "leopard" kittens. As You can see photos of Bengal kittens for sale. Given detailed information about the Bengal breed. Bengal is the little leopard at home. And remember: Bengal kittens bring good luck!

Buy Bengal kitten can be and "to themselves" under the castration and for cultivation.

We'll explain in detail the Bengal breed, about the content of Bengal kittens, on the nature of the Bengal cat. Clearly explain the difference of the cost of Bengal kitten. As YOU can see live Bengal cat and a Bengali a cat , and not only photos of the Bengals.

If YOU want to buy Bengal kitten "For oneself", but not for breeding Bengal seals have to be castrated, and the Bengal cats spayed!